In its 45 years of existence, ABCCOP now has more than 800 churches. We are committed to obey the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission arm to fulfill this is through the ABCCOP Church Planting Network (ACPLAN) in partnership with our ABCCOP churches.

What have we been doing to fulfill this commitment?

We have just completed our 4-year goal to plant 116 churches from 2012-2016. As a matter of fact, by the Grace of God, we have surpassed this and have planted a total of 258 churches! Why do we want to plant churches?

  • To fulfill the Jesus’ mandate (Matthew 16:13-19)
  • To proclaim the Person of Jesus
  • To pursue the Plan of Jesus
  • To populate the Paradise of Jesus

To help complete this commitment, we are sending ACPLAN missionaries to identified locations, partnering with other local and foreign missions organizations.

We have two categories of ACPLAN:

  • ACPLAN Missionaries- these are full-time missionaries who are pioneering a church under the supervision of the Missions Department. Currently, we have 25 units of full-time missionaries composed of 21 couples and 4 singles.
  • Associate Missionaries- these are missionaries working in a church planting ministry in partnership with an ABCCOP District and a local church.

Short Term Missions

How can you help?

  • Participate in our missions’ program
  • Involve in our local and cross-cultural missions’ exposure.
  • Know and learn the life of our missionaries.
  • Pray for our missionaries & their families.
  • Adopt and support our missionaries.

For more information, call us at (02) 928-5707 and look for Ms. Virgie Raguini.

Our Missionaries

Check out our full list of Missionary profiles here:

Full List

Partner with us

We’re looking for partners who will help us in our ministry work in providing financial assistance to our Missionaries and National Office Support. Donate via the following:



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