Far Eastern Gospel Crusade (FEGC), now SEND International, started church planting missions in the Philippines after WWII, birthing several churches in the Quezon Province, Marinduque Islands, and Cagayan Valley. OMF started thereafter; primarily in the Batangas province, Bicol province, and the Mindoro islands.

Sensing the need for fellowship among these churches, both OMF and SEND decided to form an association whose primary purposes are fellowship in the ministry and continuance of the mission.

In November 1972, the group was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines as the Association of Bible Churches of the Philippines (ABCOP).

Through the years, the organization felt a need for a stronger community. Along with major amendments in the by-laws, the name was then changed to Alliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines (ABCCOP) in 1989.